Wolf DeVoon - Author. Anarchist. Filmmaker.
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Wolf DeVoon, novelist

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"A master of sly observations, of the truths hidden in words, echoes to the time
when men were men, and writers weren't afraid to tell stories."
(L.B. Johnson)

"The combination of courage, tenderness, integrity, brains and raw sensuality is
way out of the ordinary. Alternately growls, whimpers and seduces."
(Erik Svehaug)
"Uncanny ability to portray exclusively female experiences accurately." (Sunni Maravillosa)
"Characters are drawn in shades of gray. Smart, funny, and tough." (Craig Morgan)
"Dark and brilliant at once. DeVoon is great with description." (L. Paul)

Wolf DeVoon, author As a small child, I knew very little about the world and began to investigate.

What I discovered was the price of liberty. It costs not less than everything, and so, most people are reluctant to live free or speak their minds on sensitive topics. They go along to get along, a policy of pragmatism. It is unpersuasive that liberty is more important than feeding their children and feathering their nests. I don't fault them. Civilians should be comfortable and prosperous.

That's why I write about cops and private eyes, lonely villains and heroes and heroines, exceptional people whose safety and happiness are sacrificed as a deliberate choice to kill or be killed. There are no effective restraints. When a man or woman takes responsibility for lethal action, whether alone or as part of a team, stuff happens. Prosperous civilian life came into being because soldiers and sailors and airmen and their commanders stood up as a fighting force, willing to kill or be killed in defense of liberty. Private operators wrestle with worse problems, no army backing them up, everything on the line in a death struggle, outgunned and unlikely to survive.

Intensity in action grants the privilege and reward of intense romance.

The Case Files of Cable & Blount
"One part grit, a dash of over the top machismo, a pinch of womanly intuition,
add heartfelt devotion, murder, and heat over a flame of erotic pleasure."